Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There is now a complacency of thought and deed within

Jalsa , Mumbai              Jan  16,  2012          Mon  6 : 52 PM
 Wishing Rasha Zayed a very happy and prosperous birthday. Peace and well being be around you always .. Love
 There is now a complacency of thought and deed within. A resignation that seeks freedom. Freedom to say do and act in whichever way, for the transcendence of peace and tranquility. These are philosophic qualities and may seem to be too pseudo in compartment. A pseudo intellectualism, often the harbinger of envy, dislike, skepticism and immense ridicule from those that have been troubled by its presence.
But to put it in simpler terms, the ecstasy of deriving at the right chord, either through voice or instrument, must needs be the ultimate deliverance. A deliverance that has often been referred to being of saintliness and divine, but deliverance all the same. There is the need to spend time with our own self, to allow it to fester inside us and trouble us with its disease, hopefully incurable. Being within is no crime. It may seem so socially, but in the end it does possess you and leaves you immensely lifted and fulfilled. I feel and felt that this morning as I ran through my work on the desk with the notes and chords and instruments all adding their flavor to my presence. It is not as though it just came on, it was desired and willfully so. I do believe being in the company of the studio last night with musicians and sound, did have a profound effect on me and I wonder if it is not too late to pursue what comes within me so strongly – music learning or language or betterment of the soul through both these.
One shall allow the soul to prevail and guide me in whichever direction it wishes me to.

I must turn in now. There are some medical procedures to be followed tomorrow and they need a rested body. Nothing alarming but in preparation for something in case it turns out alarming.
Good night till then .. and shall bring you the results of all this by the morrow ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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