Monday, January 16, 2012

A Sunday a leaving of the children a sadness and a longing for them to be back again soon

 Jalsa , Mumbai              Jan 15/16,  2012               Sun/Mon  1 : 20 AM

 A Sunday .. a leaving of the children … a sadness … and a longing for them to be back again soon ! A Sunday .. a visit by the well wishers .. a visit too by Vinod Chopra and Joel Edgerton, colleague in The Great Gatsby with friend Chris .. A Sunday … and finally finding time to get to Aadesh Shrivastava’s studio to record the song of Peace in honor of all those who suffer from terrorist attacks, particularly those that sacrificed their lives during the 26/11 attack on Mumbai .. the Mumbai Police force … !!
In all this the most satisfying of course the early morning visit to the ‘little one’ and to see her in deep slumber and then the hours spent with Aadesh in his studio and music … to sing to record to hear other compositions to jam to make other tunes for forthcoming films … I miss this vocation and I must learn the craft before it is too late .. late for me to move my fingers over the ‘black and white’, to spend time in solitude to connect with the purity of the classical to just be in the realm of the purity of notes and not be disturbed or bothered by other worldly charms .. that would be a classic in itself !!
But the big question is a but … a but that shall define when it is all going to happen. Making up ones mind is an exercise that does not come easily to Librans and we suffer .. suffer to the extent of self damage !! But do I must as I would the pending reading and the pending learning of languages and so much more that one wishes to do .. Oh ! dear !!

I leave you with this for the moment … I have got delayed and it goes beyond the hour of the doctors prescription … so …
One says good night and god bless …
Amitabh Bachchan

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