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Friday the 13th of the month and a belief that it is a day one should be aware of disaster and evil going

Jalsa , Mumbai                       Jan  13,  2012                      Fri  11 : 11 PM

 Friday the 13th of the month and a belief that it is a day one should be aware of disaster and evil goings on .. but may I just say that, today has been one of the more relaxed, anxiety less, harmonious days of the year ! Which isn’t saying much, considering that the month has just begun, but there … Sometimes premonition and its sister superstition, can play merry havoc in our lives and there are many that religiously follow such acts, but it has been seen and observed that quite the opposite happens, provided the faith is good.
Faith in such matters is often a wild conjecture. It may not deliberately be done, but when allowed to prevail shall produce some interesting results. Getting out of bed in the morning and the side, which step you put first as you enter a place of importance – a home or temple or the work place. The dress to be worn and what the colors may be after all the formalities in the bath are over, where I am certain many do occur – which brush, what toothpaste, soap, the brush you use for the hair …. and then the route you take to work and what one encounters on the streets as you drive by. The face first seen at the work place … the list of incongruities just refuses to stop. And it is often noticed that those that possess the greatest knowledge of the stars and the horoscopes and the birth timings and the janam patris, are the ones that get affected most by it. It is a science here in India and one that is seriously followed and taught at University levels, the reading and the meanings of horoscopes and the delicacy of astrology. But in most other regions it is more the science of numerology and the planchet of sprit calling that prevails. Or does it really ??
The desire of the human to know ahead of time what time holds for them has always been a great attraction. When will the hours get more conducive for my career, when will the Gods smile over my success, how long will this period of the evil last and so on …
The uncertainties of life, its immense irregularity and intrigue, is far too complicated for the common human. And because of its great relevance in everyday operation one is desperate to know ahead what follows or what it is that needs repair for plain sailing. After which … and this is a big after .. religion creeps in ! If it is unknown then it is certainly a gift from the heavens. Religion brings answers in prayer and devotion. Sometimes the prayer works, well we may think so for the moment. But that is the level of understanding when issues and problems reach a solution. It was Gods will ! He thinks well and good for humanity ! He will not be wrong !
And soon there are millions of followers. Faith moves them. Faith moves many other things too, but for the moment, this faith has greater importance. Prayer, places of worship, practices and rigid routines take prominence. Disobey them and face the wrath of the Almighty ! And soon there are strong divides and alienation that occurs. Wars get fought at the cost of believers and non believers. Customs and practices edge each other away. They are there, we  are here territories get drawn. Humanity in its penchant for a credible answer, gets divided into sections and sub sections. And yet … no answer is forthcoming !!
Then the non believers move in, destroy the age old and ancient systems and lure us into the practical and scientific propensities of the faith that grew with us. And a large section of people move along with them. Some of whom patronize this very page that they read ! Nothing wrong with it. We all have a mind and the liberty to think and asses differently, not necessarily with a herd mentality of following all that comes their way with some elements of belief !
I believe. But does it mean that all must believe too ? No not at all. Its just that we never wanted to travel too deep into the process that could make us nonbelievers.
The strength of millions of those that believe in one direction is so vast and so large that it would require immense strength to face up against it. And many do not battle with it, because they realize that it could be a lost cause. That is their wanting. You must want to believe. When you want something as badly as belief, you will get it. And when it does, it seals all else for life !! That, in this very inverse existence of mankind, could become the only truth for them.
Yes I pray and believe in worship of the deities. So what ? Does it reduce me in any manner ? And does it divulge my sense of superstition ? Who cares, even if it does. Seldom those that pray never divulge what they pray for. They should not, its personal. I do not propagate my belief on to the other. I do not exhibition it on the streets and invite others to follow. I live with my realm within and do not see any reason for it to be known to the others. But, visiting places of prayer and belief does not make me any less in my belief. I visit for the tranquility of my soul. Why must it be conjectured by those that spread word and comment, that there is more to it than just that. Do not thrust your assumption of belief on me. I am standardized enough and intelligent enough to gauge it myself, without your kind assistance. Thank you !!
My own superstition may work for me. I cannot predict whether it will work for others. I do not need to !!

Good night and …
Amitabh Bachchan 

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