Thursday, February 9, 2012

Technically I am through for the day, so far as the Blog

Jalsa , Mumbai                      Feb 7 , 2012                               Tue 11 : 41 PM

Technically I am through for the day, so far as the Blog is concerned, having written on it this morning. But relationships are not technical for me and so I am back like the proverbial bad coin …
Time is of essence always and finding time even more so. It is important to find time for all that concerns you, and when it is planeed in a systematic manner, success in it can be assured. Many ask me what my time management principles are, assuming of course that I should be one that is in the know of such matters. Wrong ! There is no policy or method. It will happen or it shall not happen. It will happen if you are conscious of its importance in your personal discipline. If that is faulty, your time will be at fault at all times ( !! ). One, the other is respect for protocol and the other. If you are conscious of the fact that the other is of importance too, there is little possibility of going wrong. If we shall continue to think of ourselves only and not the other, be of certain guarantee that you will go wrong in many spheres. Respect of the others time shall put your time in place. Many do not ever think so. I am not saying it is of tearing importance to be in such condition, but it would put you in a space where certainty of action could be questioned in time. I would rather question someone else, than be questioned in such matters and so I maintain as well as I can my own justification of time management.

Tomorrow I shoot for my make up mans production of his Bhojpuri film. Jaya and I together for a days work. Deepak my man has been with me for 35 years, and never once missed a single day of not being with me on set. he first started with a BR film and then remained with me since. This is the least that I can do for looking after my face for so long !!

But by far the most thrilling and enlightening moments in the morning have been the repeat listening of ‘Ekla Cholo re .. ‘. There is such a sense of strength, of standing up against any odds, of determination, when one listens to the words. The tune, its composition, its uniqueness, both in its rendition and the value of the perfectly placed words, is the creation of a genius, and one recognizes that, when one has to render them or merely attempt to render them. The quality of great works of words is this – it will always have universality, and it shall reamin immortal for as long a period as one desires. The placement of the correct sounding words, their rendition, and its tune, when not in consonance shall never produce the correct graph required. But when it all works together .. the tears well up … and at times begin to flow unannounced …
My love for all ..
Amitabh Bachchan 

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