Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I believe that when one is determined to overcome BigB

Prateeksha, Mumbai March 16, 2010 Tue 10 : 20 PM

I believe that when one is determined to overcome, a just path shall form. I believe that bringing about an atmosphere of ‘everything’s gonna be alright’, actually does make everything alright. I believe that pushing oneself to command gives one the impetus to follow. I believe when you entertain only positive modes, the pluses appear. I believe when you bring a spring in your walk, that the road gets consumed quicker than before. I believe that when pain disables you, you can disable it by ignoring it. I believe that not complaining is the most valued complaint. I believe that words that echo similar sentiment have been heard and read a million times, but when you construct them yourself through personal experience, they read the best.

I spent a bad night. A night in pain due to spasms that kept hurting my spine and back the entire night. After trying out various different positions to ease the discomfort and failing, I sat up and screamed ’shut up’. And having done that, resumed my attempt at slumber. I had the soundest sleep for the following two hours before the alarm went off to wake me for the morning gym routine. This is unusual. Not the screaming, the alarm waking me up. Normally my apprehension of whether it shall work keeps me half awake till the designated hour. But it did not last night, or well, really, this morning.

I sailed into the gymnasium with forced enthusiasm and despite the few odd muscle catches that occurred, by the end of my two hours there was a definite sense of improved condition. The bounce came back, the heat of the morning sun on the lawn was welcomed and the entire day has been spent in spasmless wonder !! I wore a new dress. I changed my watch. I wore a pair of shoes that had been ignored for long. I attended to my car repair personally. While driving to Jalsa I reprimanded a traffic offender. I sang along with the FM radio jock as one of my favorites belted itself out from the speakers on the car. I checked the electricals in the house that were giving us a problem. I unpacked and laid out the various gifts presented to me from the Oman Excellencies. I fixed my computer, discovering during the course that I had been using the wrong cable box for my internet connection. I made calls to people that I had been avoiding for sometime. And … I watched the IPL with great delight…

And I discovered that this was all due to the fact that I pushed myself to a work- out in the morning, despite the vagaries of the previous night.

I am content and painless - both in body and mind now. And I believe that this has come about by the simple fact of putting my body back into routine. When you miss the routine, the essentials of everyday, the spasms of life shall forever bother you and become a hindrance. I had subjected my body to much malaise and lethargy. Lethargy brings about defeat. It nurtures weakness in our confidence and the urge to move forward.

Just as putting your body in a routine gives one the desired energy to overcome, so also does such act, dissolve the webs that may have without adequate permission, entangled our minds.

The day has worked out just fine … and now if you will excuse me I wish to get back to the ‘game’ for it reaches an exciting finish ..

Love to you, love to cricket, love to those that do not understand it ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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