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Fox Studios that co produces Dum Maro Dum sends out these details on the collections

Jalsa , Mumbai        April  25,  2011        Mon  10 : 48 PM
Fox Studios that co produces ‘Dum Maro Dum’ sends out these details on the collections - they speak for themselves
· 3rd biggest opening weekend in 2011 after YPD and THANK YOU    ( YPD is Yamla Pagla Deewana )
· Biggest opening in South India  for any Hindi film in 2011
· Third biggest Abhishek film ever after Dhoom2 and Dostana
· Bigger than Kaminey, New York
· Bucked the IPL trend and has reposed good BOX OFFICE numbers in the cricket season.
Break up is as follows :
Thu . 8
Fri – 5.4
Sat – 4.7
Sun – 5.6
INTERNATIONAL· International Box office 1.4 mn US$
· Joint 2nd with Dhobi Ghat  opening in US after YPD
· ME – One of the top openings in 2011  ( ME is Middle East )
· OZ/ NZ – No. 1 of all openings in 2011 ( Not too tough to get that its Australia and NewZealand )
RESEARCHWord of mouth score of 69 which is  jointly tied at no. 3 with No One Killedd Jessica from all films released since September – have attached the ranking list and the EXIT POLL.
Abhishek performance is coming out a winner + Dialogues are connecting
DMD trending on twitter India -  continuously for last 5 days
STRATEGIC  OpportunityDMD recovers its COP of 22 crores in the first weekend from domestic + International  theatrical + music (including overflows) + Sateliite
Good WOM + Longer run due to a strategic release window as has been experienced by Tanu Weds Manu during World cup.
( COP is cost of production, WOM is word of mouth )
Head of Distribution, Marketing and Syndication
That looks promising and gives heart to all ! Thank you to all those that believed and patronized. Any achievement by your DNA gives so much satisfaction and pride and love. Pray it keeps growing.
Home alone again tonight ! Abhishek in Murmansk, Russia and the ladies are around and about but not home, so thank heavens for IPL … keeping me occupied as I write to all of you. Shanouk sits below, sensitive to any movement around the house, up and barking his large head off !
But first things first - Zhenya from Russia and Renate correct me about St Petersburg .. I have wrongly called it erstwhile Stalingrad. Its actually Leningrad. There is a Stalingrad in Russia but not the one I mention. ‘Grad’ in Russian means town, so Zhenya tells me. Thank you ladies, kind and gracious of you. Never to late to learn, especially when you have a whole host of family members ready to correct you.
Thank you all for the reassurance that you give me on the blog its contents and its readership. It is such a great feeling to know that despite all the negativity that gets generated from other sources, there is the confidence and the assurance of this platform in understanding and supporting the causes that keep coming up day to day.
For long there has been that apprehension that whatever is written will be taken up in pieces. Pieces that could be distorted and represented to create unwanted controversy. What a convoluted idea and thinking. But there is the strength of the EF which has all along given balanced and justifiable approval or disapproval whenever the need has risen. That is most reassuring. It is most frustrating to want to say the matter that comes to mind, but refraining from doing so, for fear of deliberate and mischievous distortion.
The fear of being pushed to some credible response on every issue under the sun, is very potent in the lives of those that live in the brightness of celebrity. We are not, as I have lamented often, knowledged on every aspect of life, politics, sport, society, law, international events, history, geography, medicine etc …We have a tough enough time being actors, and may that remain. But putting us under the wheel, through pressure, deliberation, emotion and every other ‘tion’ in the business is not going to give you or get for the world any wisdom that the subject may indeed require.
Mention or attempt to mention a product of yours or of your kin in praise or support and the entire community breaks down upon you. But among the lot of the media that I follow - Jitesh Pillai, Rajeev Masand, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Bhupendra Chaubey, Barkha Dutt - there is a constant mention of how it will be of importance and of some excitement to watch their programmes on Tv. Fair enough. But no where do I read any severe criticism of the fact that they are using the medium to promote themselves, or the product they are associated with. So what does one do in situations such as this. Succumb to pressure and silence yourself, or deny them the opportunity of slamming you and tell them - ‘Do what you want to do people, I am going to say what I wish to because this is my private medium and no one is going to stop me from doing what I wish to do within the walls of my home’.
Fatima from South Africa, lost her Aunt. She was very close to her almost like a Mother. We are with her in this hour of grief and send all our condolences and prayers ..
Good night all … a good nights sleep does indeed do wonders .. about to find out ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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