Monday, December 5, 2011

First the ugly and then the not so ugly

Jalsa , Mumbai                   Nov 28,  2011                 Mon 11 : 30 PM
 First the ugly and then the not so ugly !
There is news that has come to my knowledge of meetings being arranged after payment of certain sums of money ! The lure of being in a situation to pay up and be around with me, is an appalling condition. To those that may have contributed to this gibe may I just say that I am certainly not for sale. Certainly not for my well wishers and in particular my Ef. This is a preposterous situation. Those that may be falling in with this be aware that no such condition shall ever exist. Those that contemplate such ugliness, be warned. The consequences of such a depraved practice shall be most severe. This is an unconditional warning !!

The not so ugly is the desire to thank all the Ef for their grateful wishes and blessings to the memory of my Father on his birth anniversary. There shall always be insufficient time and space to put in writing all that he represented and believed in. The quality and lyricism of his writing, the depth of his own philosophy and the integrity of his beliefs. Poets and poetry have an endless life. Ages after they have left us there shall be meaning in what they left behind and it shall be our prerogative to discover analise and understand to its fullest, what all of that meant to us.

A strange lethargy creeps upon me from the early hours of the morning. It deprives me of energy and action, of speech and mobility. And as I sit and wonder what it could possibly be, I develop a gentle hint within, that probably spells ‘inactivity’. Work is the adrenalin for continuity and maybe the regions that require to be refueled with that chemical, need to be channelized now.
I must admit that the moment I did ponder over the thought, I could feel a physical change overcoming my earlier condition. It is time for me to meet up with prospective projects and succumb to the visions that they behold for me. It is time to step out and be in the environs that tickle and provoke action. Action not of the kind that deals with guns and battle, but a battle of another kind ; the kind that creates a swell within you as you hear that strain of music or be a part of good writing, film and painting.
I tweeted about it in the early hours and many that were contemplating a meeting on work were quick to respond in the positive. The medium of communication has become such an important aspect of our lives. Within seconds of its expression the entire world comes to grips with it and not just learns of its presence but shall have comment and solution or criticism, racing around the air waves with a rapidity of the newly discovered neutrinos, that profess to be moving a shade faster than light !
I wonder then, when we are so vividly connected with each other ; connected as never before in the history of the universe, why are we today most disconnected with each other. The divisions and anger directed towards humans has perhaps never been so acute. Faith and religions talk thrive on the meanings of peace and well being. They all propagate togetherness, belief and respect for the other, love, forgiveness and compassion for each other. Yet the human in its entire history perhaps has never been as divided as before.
It is a painful situation and one that one sits and sees passing by without any attempt to unite in a universality which speaks oneness and tolerance.
The speed of intolerance, the desensitization of humanity in almost all aspects of its working has been an alarming truth and it is so overpowering that there is little else that can be thought of. Sanity exists, but in such small proportion that it does not take much time for it to get polluted too. Who to follow, who to believe and who to trust has become an incomprehensible metaphor. Those that speak and believe in it sound sincere and earnest, but I do not know why we suspect them of some insincerity. May be our natures have undergone such turmoil and untruths, that we are now immune to all that can be termed as good and graceful. Maybe in time these delusions shall repair, readjust and present themselves in greater earnest and with complete clarity. Maybe …
We pray and hope that they do …

The chimes of the clock approach minimum ring .. it relates to the smaller tones on the watch, the lesser numbers .. at night these lesser numbers denote lateness and bedtimeness .. !!
Good night dear ones .. you make life earnest and truthful and with hope …

Amitabh Bachchan 

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