Monday, December 12, 2011

How delicate the eye, how delicate the vision

Jalsa , Mumbai                Dec  9/10 ,  2011                         Fri/Sat 12 : 58 AM  
 Ankur Churiwal , your birthday on the 10th … we wish you a life without pain and struggle  …
 How delicate the eye, how delicate the vision, how honest its reading and its equipment. So many instruments to decipher what ails the swelling inside, and how great the inventions that monitor and bring some solace to our lives.
When ignorance is bliss, why bother with intelligence. Errrm .. some sanity in that but not entirely. Posed intelligence would give ignorance stiff competition in its veracity, would it not ? The wise know all. They are silent of nature, tolerant and understanding. To a point. After which the heavens explode and the advent of apocalypse could never be too distant. That is the fear that drives us all in all kinds of adversity.
So I checked in with the eye surgeon by late evening, to examine the swell within. A trauma, a bruise or simply the entrance of certain bodies within the system could cause an aberration, not necessarily good natured. Creating illusions when the sight has been lost, could only be the work of an almighty force, unseen and unexperienced and unwanted. Permanently.
The specialists look into our eyes with machinery that boggles technology at times. The astrophysicists and the discoverers of the anomaly of the universe, are perhaps the ones that would appreciate the presence of that force which no one has explanation for. The other day they found another earth like object in the hemisphere which they claimed had water on it. There, but twice the size of the earth and rotating at slightly different speed than the earth. Wonder and excitement on it prevails. But that is all that it shall do for the moment. Create interest and then die down, like most other unwanted situations in life.

And yes it is now confirmed news – work stations on the set are the best in the world. I did spend some time on it today and the sound of the directors instruct, pulls away from you all that is unconnected. It is a magnet which insists on being valid and noticed even though they may use the dexterity of our team to point it out bring it to the fore. There would I should imagine, be some embarrassment on that count. So what .. let there be a embarrassment. The rogue shall be known at least. In most cases they are seen through, transparent and without seeming scruples. They believe the rest of the world is as dumb as they are themselves. Making appearances for the sake of justification and false truth, is always seen through and ignored. Or at best blocked out and removed. Permanently !!

There is time now and still, to own up the ownership. In wrong forgiveness is paramount. I may sound defeated but we all know that indeed it has been an achievement and an accomplishment. God is the last resort for desperation. Problem is, before confronting Him, its either resolved or kept in abeyance for life.

Medication for the issue of vision has been administered. If the eye is not shut, it shall remain open till it is forced shut … I do hope such situations do not arrive ..
So for the moment, its a good night with love written all over the duvet ..
Amitabh Bachchan     

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