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I return from an event by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance where the Bank and its counterparts celebrate

Jalsa , Mumbai               Dec  8/9,  2011                   Thu/Fri  12 : 24 AM

I return from an event by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance where the Bank and its counterparts celebrate the success of this endeavor, by honoring those that have worked tirelessly in bringing the name of this new venture right to the top under the able guidance of its head M/s Chanda Kochar. A lady at the head of this massive organization doing wonders after it went through a bleak period. She was not the head at the time of my first association with ICICI. And I remember her vividly taking personal interest in my campaign’s that were done during those early years. Her daughter had written a book and I was asked by her to come and inaugurate it, which I did. A quiet and gentle lady with an infectious smile, she has remained that grateful parent for her child who has on several occasions never forgotten that one moment of obligation. During my Father’s ‘chautha’ she had quietly made her way to our house, sat through the prayers and left. A person of her stature may not have, but she did and I shall ever remember that gracious gesture of hers. ICICI is one of the leading Banking organizations of the country, with International presence all over and is regarded as a symbol of integrity and value.
Little gestures in life mean a lot. It is the effect they have on an individual that makes all the difference. Mr Dhiru Bhai Ambani, the founder of the massive Ambani empire, once told his sons. Miss a persons birthday or wedding, no problem, but never miss that moment when there is a bereavement. That shall always be remembered and respected. When I had gone through all the problems of the Company, the failures at work, the humiliations of creditors and a million other legal compulsions against me, he had graciously offered to help. But I had declined it. When by the grace of the Almighty matters brightened up and a light was seen by me at the end of this very dark tunnel, which had threatened to finish me for good, and when I attained my first success after the initial start of KBC way back in 2000, I had on a personal visit to the Ambani House encountered him again. He sat at some distance in their lawn among respected and high dignitaries of the land, but on seeing me called out and asked me to sit beside him, much to the wonder of those that were already seated by him. Not just that but he spoke out – ” This man I respect. He was down and out but he got up and stood back on his own feet on his own effort, and today he is back where he was before, in fact even better.” I shall never forget that moment.
Tonight at the event for ICICI, the largest portion of the evening was spent in glorifying my journey through the many years I have devoted to my craft. There were song enactments by dance groups, there were speeches, eulogies, competitions of fans enacting my songs and dialogues. And I could not but feel embarrassed at this huge show of dedication almost, when indeed we were there to acknowledge the accomplishment of others who had worked in bringing immense glory and acclaim to this most important and recognized organisation !!
I feel blessed and most honored by this affection and which I know I am least deserving of. But how does one bend the rules of the game, once it starts. I sit back and even though the face shows wonder and uncertainty of what transpires in front, one cannot but think of the upheaval that takes place inside on the reality. My inadequate contribution, if at all it can be called that, cannot possibly match the great endeavors of so many accomplished others. Those that have pioneered historic events and milestones in their vocation. Those that we have admired all our lives and seek inspiration from – the great minds, of literature and writing and thought. We are so inept, or rather I am so inept, at so many factions of the world which I should have knowledge of, but am in pretense of them. There is an awareness within to educate to catch up, to possess that which others perceive I already have, but have never had opportunity to. Well that would be as lame an excuse as any. But really the effort to imbibe and learn must come soon and not before it is too late. A small beginning is they say, a large effort in the direction that we desire to be. That is the direction I must take, the path I must follow, without ‘ stopping or bending or looking back ‘ on this ‘path of fire’ !! Agnipath !! There shall be temptations and obstacles aplenty, but never shall we ‘ask for the shade of a single leaf on a densely populated tree’. We must move on in ‘blood sweat and tears’ to achieve and cross this path this fired path, this path of life. Our existence ….

Love and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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