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have been of some observance lately and discover

  Jalsa , Mumbai              June  6/7,  2012                       Wed/Thu  12 : 47 AM

Wishing Serena from Dubai and Sachin Kelkar from Muscat … a very happy birthday … greetings and love !

My dear Mr Bachchan,
It is time that I wrote another letter to you ! Time is perhaps an erroneous word to be used on such occasions, but there it is ; alive and of great value !

I have been of some observance lately and discover that your activities and your efforts at connecting have somewhat diminished. Not just in the frequency of its appearance through the various cyber mediums that you have so effectively used, but indeed in your general attitude towards those that follow and put great trust and faith in you.

I can understand that it does become tedious on your part to be constantly responding to those that believe that you are in front of a computer for endless hours of your time, but even when you do appear, at late hours of the day, there is a lethargy that I have been noticing. You seem to be there, but are in fact not. Your words and expressions are almost monotonous in their content, and it seems to me that that there is a definite lack of interest that is now reflected in your writings.

I would empathize with you and your recent surgical procedures, and one can perhaps assume that this present state of yours emanates from such condition. But with a fair amount of time having passed, it does seem to all of us here in this extended family, that an element of extended drama is being played out by you, simply to garner sympathy. It would therefore be most gracious of you if you could step out of this maze that you find yourself trapped in and become what all of us have constantly believed you to be.

All of us here have varied opinions and concepts about you, but despite the fact that you write to us each day now for the past three years, there is a growing sense of what most believe to be an excessive indulgence. Now given that most would not disagree with this, to have it played out each hour is not worthy of what we have always perceived of you.

We also feel that your efforts to inform your routines and daily doings is an indirect approach towards being constantly written about in the media. The media has decided now that they do not require for you to give them interviews. What they need from you they get from the Blog or the Twitter, without having to go through the tedious process of contacting you, your office or your PR machinery. Worse, they make it sound as if they have had a personal conversation with you, and we wonder if this is in fact a round handed blow that you have designed of getting what you want from them !
There are a few other areas that worry us. Many are of the opinion that you have favorites among your so called Ef ! That you take great care in picking them out deliberately to respond or bless them with that much awaited ‘yellow’, by ignoring the more sincere. There has to be a democratic outlook from you on this. After all do not forget that it is we the people of the Ef that have made your cyber presence so valuable and full of commendation.
We notice too that a few ‘chosen ones’ have alternative access to you via bodies that show consideration because either they knew you before you started the Blog, or have most judiciously weaved webs around you that you have not been able to extricate yourself from. There are certain ‘privileged’ ones who constantly keep asserting themselves, knowing that reprimanding them would not be an option for you.
On other fronts, we have constantly felt the absence of your information on ongoing events that occur in your professional life, the details of which we have through our own sources been supplying you with. If there is a confidentiality issue involved how come the information is available on other mediums ? We feel slighted that being a part and parcel of your existence this is the least you could do for us. To give example – the non disclosure of your destination when you travel out, or some exclusive pictures of perhaps family, in particular, the latest addition.

You used to give us information of your projects that you were involved in earlier, but that too has stopped and we would like to know the reasons behind it. I do appreciate the photographs you regularly post of the Sunday crowds, or the shots at endorsement shoots, but what we long for are more intimate pictures with you and the family – in the house, on holiday and on. It is most annoying to learn of your activities through the media. We would like to have them before !

Of the hundreds of intelligent responses that you get on a daily basis, it would be nice to see and read your reactions to them. To initiate a discussion perhaps or even a debate. This would give us an understanding of your mind and also give us the joy of knowing that our comment has been read and received.
Also, barring a few video clips that came to us in the early days of the Blog, we have not seen many since. Will there be assurance that we could get some of this going ?

We and in particular I, may have been a little harsh on you through this letter, but we felt it was necessary for you to know a few straight facts. I hope you shall take this in the spirit with which this is written and respond accordingly. Get off that Tv set the IPL or the French clay court Paris Roland Garros tournament and do give this a compassionate ear !
With love and care …

Amitabh Bachchan , an Ef wondering which media group shall pick this one up and what they shall do to it …

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