Thursday, June 7, 2012

Many a times what weighs heavily on your mind, does not necessarily manifest

Jalsa , Mumbai                     June  7,  2012                     Thu  8 : 52

Birthday greetings to Tejas for the 8th of June .. happiness always …

You sit upon your chair, you think, you write and post it for the hundreds that come on to your site. You wonder whether if what you have written went down well with the Ef or not. And while you may have sent them all in a tizzy, you know what the purpose behind all that was expressed was expressed !

Many a times what weighs heavily on your mind, does not necessarily manifest itself into words that you may have wanted to put down. Sometimes they are camouflaged in vocabulary, sometimes not. Sometimes with purpose and without.

But I must honestly confess the letter in yesterday’s post was written in jest. This may disappoint some, for, many have expressed praise at the openness of it. Others have put questions whether they were being indirectly mentioned, whilst some have not got the plot at all and missed the fun behind it. So for reasons of clarity, may I reiterate that the contents and style were an, on the spur decision, not to offend or target specific Ef, but to bring a smile on those that may not have had reason to smile for long. There is no need therefore, to go into the why’s and where’s of the motion. It was a moment. It lasted some 900 words and it is over. No one should be looking at themselves in the mirror to ask ‘was he referring to me’ or ‘who do you think has upset him’. There shall be correct answers, because there were never any questions.
Now .. I do realize that a fairly large number would be thinking whether what I express here today may have deliberate and hidden meaning. But I think that you know me well enough by now to assess when I mean what I say and when not. End of chapter, end of explanation … on with life and the Blog ….
Till the next letter … ha ha ha ha ah …!!

Overslept the morning, delayed the workout, caught up with incomplete paper work, went ecstatic to see some showers over the city, showed frustration and deliberated anger at the Satellite Channels going off on the tele, jumped with joy … errr … correction .. not jumped, pumped the air with joy when the Tv started up again, just in time for …. yup, you guessed right – Roland Garros !! Tennis on this prestigious Championship Tournament has been filled with games of great standard and surprise – hardly any Americans, a few from the British Isles, now lost and gone and domination by the Russian ladies, and Italians, Spanish and East Europeans. The French have shown great resolve and guts. But have not gone beyond a certain point. And yes the Mixed Doubles has had the Indians doing rather well.

Tomorrow … is the start of the final rounds at Roland Garros … AND … the Euro Cup Football begins in Poland and the Ukraine. Never a dull moment for established ‘couch potatoes’ like me. KBC, Film, do make an early start please before I lose it completely !! Deprived of my senses !!

Other than the television, it is of course the ‘little one’ that occupies our attention. The wonder look in their eyes on encountering every fresh face or situation. That gentle smile of recognition with the regulars, and the attempts at speech, are moments one would want never to end. The family could be in the middle of discussing matters of domestic importance, as must all homes, when suddenly on her appearance all speech dramatically switches to every possible ‘cooing’ and ‘awwing’ sound – the recognized vocabulary and dialect for those a few months old !! Some times I wonder if they laugh within themselves after seeing all the fuss around them from elders and think – ” what the hell is wrong with these guys, why can’t they be just normal ?”

The roads have been wet from that sprinkle of rain in the evening. The earth parched for so many months of heat, breathes a sigh of relief. A gentle breeze swings the plants and tree branches, expressing almost a symbolic happiness, the mogra flower buds in the house spread a special flavor to the environment … and my thoughts drift away to my Ef that connects and reads these words, with the hope that they too are a part of this feel ..
Good night my dears ..
Love ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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