Thursday, June 7, 2012

l. What I see or hear is not always in the way and spirit of my interest or liking

Jalsa , Mumbai                   June  4 ,  2012                    Mon  11 : 30 PM 

Sachin … happy birthday for the 4th of June, wishing you happiness always ..

Mayur … happy birthday for tomorrow the 5th of June, and wishing you the best too …  

I see, I hear, I retain some and some I share or dispel. What I see or hear is not always in the way and spirit of my interest or liking. But I continue to see and hear. If I did not, I would be allowing a lot to flow past without notice. Notice is important not just professionally, but for life in general. If you have not noticed, you have not known. If you have not known, you have missed input. Without inputs, we can tend to falter, take the wrong path, or make the wrong decisions. Not every faltered path or decision is disastrous. But it could have been. ‘Could have beens’ in our lives are the worst condition to be in. Or so I believe.

I could have been better ! I could have been sitting in that exalted position ! I could have been a great actor, sportsman, or businessman … ha ! So why couldn’t you ?? You couldn’t because, you allowed that moment of reckoning to flow by. It could have been an exercise in failure. But the effort would never have put one in that ill perceived notion of ‘could have been’ !

I watch sports of all kinds, yes, for they give me interest in the game and the privilege to admire the excellence of an athlete. I may never have the same capacity, but it gives me insights into the brilliance of the game and player, aspects which I may never have come to know had I not witnessed it. Each event throws across, not just the intricacies of the game or the methodology of the player, but also character. The agility of body, the guile of each play, the disappointment of missed opportunity, the joy and exuberance of victory and the reactions of those that undergo such moments. Within the time frame of a particular game, it is remarkable how much we can learn and gather and experience.

And so yes, I watch sporting events ! It is not just the physicality of athleticism, it is a learning that texts and curriculum shall not perhaps reveal, but will remain ingrained in us for a life time. Husbands pursue, wives complain. Perhaps rightly so. Because male interest does show priority over the domestic at times. Adjustment is what is often prescribed. You get the sports and we shall get our desperate house wives and saas bahus ! Not a bad solution, unless of course you have a season of … he heh he … KBC ! Then everyone gets to be together.

But jokes apart, what is the ultimate gain ? The ultimate gain is to be in a connect with the best, in whatever field – sports, business, or art ! And there is no denying that when you witness best, you acquire best also.

In the company of the accomplished, you learn to accomplish too, or be inspired to do it too.

My love to all .. with the hope and prayer of many accomplishments !!

Amitabh Bachchan

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