Thursday, June 7, 2012

The largest responses come when there are days of greeting

Jalsa , Mumbai               June  3/4 ,  2012                     Sun/Mon  2: 50 AM

 The largest responses come when there are days of greeting. Thank you all so much for this loving care, this generosity and the enthusiasm that you show at each festive moment of my life. I could not ask for more. These are the moments that give satisfaction and a great feeling of camaraderie. Of oneness, sharing and giving – acts that one is loathe to find in todays times …

The greetings came in from far and near, in different shapes and shades, colors and cards. Many called to express greeting, many sent them through the short message system. It may not be probable to respond to each, but through this personal platform of ours I express my gratitude in equal measure.

It was just family throughout the day and even the ‘little one’ expressed herself with some of the most beautiful smiles for the occasion. That was the best gift of them all. And the wife, no great fan of sporting events, joined us today for the Rolland Garros clay court tennis, watching Novak Djokovic the number 1 in the world, just about making it against a 22 seeded Italian. A well fought out battle for 5 sets and not until the last ball was played were we in any state to declare who the winner was. Frightening for Novak, hopeful for the Italian player Seppi ( do all Italian names end with a vowel, a e i o u ? ). A sigh of relief when Novak won, but some sadness for Seppi, for having come so close to performing an upset and then losing out !!

The latter part of the evening was spent in heavy traffic conditions when nothing moves. But a brave and enterprising auto rickshaw driver, took control of affairs voluntarily, jumped out of his three wheeler and conducted the traffic with the zeal of one that had had enough of the tamasha ! Thank you ‘rick’, you did well.

The Chef’s Studio, a private cozy and most ambient eatery in the Hotel Taj was the evening element – and worth every expensive penny. But walking through the corridors of this gallant structure, one cannot forget with pain and anguish and anger those 48 hrs or so when it was attacked by terrorists. Watching those horrific visuals day after day on the television, one felt discarded and futile. One wanted to do so much but could not due to restrictions. But in keeping with the prized philosophy of yesterday’s blog, one bore this too, perhaps with greater cynicism and prayed that the city would not succumb to such acts ever again, and moved on. Moved on was the most important aspect of the episode. The staff was more conscious of the event, precaution and secure devices were in place and some amount of personal scrutiny too. All most welcome. Some delightful banter among the four adults of the family and then it was all over – a fine and lovely end to the day.

As I look back on the day’s events I notice two aspects. The spirit of not giving up at the clay courts in Paris at the Rolland Garros by number 1, Novak in deep trouble. Fighting his way out from a possible defeat and an upset situation and coming out the winner. He just kept going and psychologically maybe impressed his opponent, who incidentally fought a tremendous game too, that he was the Champion and that victory would be his.

The other one dwells in my mind, now filled with deep desire to be in bed. This I shall keep with me for a while. It needs to be spread with caution and care and so when the time is right for it .. it shall present itself !

For the moment then, it is a very good night or morning or whatever wherever whenever the time comes …

My love,

Amitabh Bachchan

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