Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to cross the seas and the lands

CroDiag, Isles in movement                  May  31,  2012                 Thu  6 : 15 PM  local

 Time to cross the seas and the lands, to move yet again, without gain. The effort must never lack to try fresh avenues, discover agents of change perhaps, ones that may bring betterment in conditions. But if they do not, despondency must never be accepted. What needs to be accepted is the fact, the  desire and will to maneuver around them, and to find a solution, which may seem depleted, but functional at least.

No one is built perfect. No one has the perfect life or circumstance. But to consider that as an impediment and to lament and drown one self in self pity and remorse, is the next worst element. I am what I am and I must build myself to believe in that. All else shall remain unpardonable and closest most to a criminality. That I believe to be the ultimate truth that we must all face. If we are faultless and perfect, we have no business to be here in this universe. There are other more ethereal destinations propounded, where we should reside then.

Be well and of good cheer. Have the childlike innocence of a newly born – intrigued, bewildered, surprised by what surrounds you – yet impatient to grow through effort, to speak those first words, to crawl, to sit up, to begin to walk albeit initially with wobbly legs and finally to be large and developed enough to face the challenges of the world.

That is what maketh a human .. that is what shall remain with us, till the end of our time ..

Love and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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